mountains and rivers
flow at their own pleasure
feeding all living
- purush

Join the Haiku Chain!

Haiku are short poems of 3 lines. The first line must be five syllables, the next is seven, and the last five (5/7/5 form).

At least one of the lines should be about something in nature.

The next poem in the Haiku Chain should start with the last line of the previous one. That's what makes it a chain!

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cold moonlit landscape
inviting the winter chores
to take full charge now
- purush
caressing the earth
in all the needed seasons
by the name of god
- purush
cold moonlit landscape
full, deep dust, in the void-
men howl at luna
- bedeejay
mountains and rivers
sleeping entwined upon a
cold moonlit landscape
- jmw
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